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This project is designed to be a fully-functional, static site implementation of a blog system that is mostly compatible with Ghost and is built on EmberJS with fully working out of the box SEO friendly output.


  • Fast no-reload page changes
  • No web-development skills required to get up and running
  • Uses Markdown to author content
  • RSS implementation
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Built on Ember and uses ember-cli, the best frontend cli on the market right now!


empress-blog supports the use of shallow forks of Ghost themes and currently supports

As Ghost uses handlebars it is not too difficult to port an existing template to use Ember templates.

We now support a Template Generator that allows you to get started very quickly with a barebones template based on the Ghost Starer template. To find out more check out the documentation for create-empress-blog-template.


The default output can be seen deployed on Netlify here: https://empress-blog.netlify.com/

If you want an example of the this "in production" then check out the Stone Circle Blog. If you use this in production let us know on Twitter and we can add a "built with empress-blog-casper-template" wiki.

You do not need to be a web developer to be able to use this system. You just write markdown files and the rest of the work is performed by EmberJS' build system.

Deploy to Netlify

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