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Simple is a static blog generator with a single static page. You can write you blog online, and it will generate static html files at your repo named username.github.io which is supported by github pages



Blog demo

Lightweight markdown editor


With Simple and github pages you can easily create your static blog. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Create a github account.
  2. Create a repo named your_user_name.github.io (remember to check Initilize and create README).
  3. Sign in Simple with your github account.
  4. Click Initilize to set up basic files for your static blog site.(maybe a little slow)
  5. Click Go and start writing.
  6. Click New post to create a new post and when finish writing click save to generate the static page.
  7. Now you can browse the your_user_name.github.io site and enjoy it!


  • You can use your own blog name, just modify the main.json file, and change name="username".

  • You can use disqus comment system, just modify the main.json file, and change disqus_shortname="" to disqus_shortname="your_shortname".

  • You can use your own custom domain, just modify the CNAME file.(see also)


  • Simple, no backend need
  • Static blog
  • Markdown editor
  • Code highlight support
  • Tex formula support
  • Responsive html


The template files are at /src/template, so you can modify the template files and css files. If you want use your own theme you can clone the project, modify the template files and push the entire src folder in your gh-pages branch which will allow you generate your own static blog.


Enhance error display, Search, Sitemap, Rss


MIT licensed.

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