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Markdown, Jupyter notebook

Official website: teedoc.neucrack.com or teedoc.github.io Source code: https://github.com/teedoc/teedoc

Convert documents in Markdown or Jupyter Notebook format into HTML static web pages

teedoc can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Build a document website, and it’s best to support multiple documents and custom pages
  • Build a WiKi website
  • Build a personal or corporate knowledge base
  • Build a personal or corporate website
  • Blog


  • [x] Simple to use, cross-platform, only dependent on Python3
  • [x] No database required, all static pages of the website
  • [x] The deployment is simple, the generated website is a fully static page, which can be directly copied to the server or uploaded to a third party organization for deployment
  • [x] Easy to write, using Markdown syntax
  • [x] Jupyter notebook support
  • [x] HTML support, you can directly use HTML to write pages, with great freedom
  • [x] Multi-document support
  • [x] Plug-in support
  • [x] Multi-theme support (implemented by plug-in)
  • [x] Control the style accurate to the page through css (implemented by customizing the id and class of each page)
  • [x] Multi-level directory support
  • [x] Multi-language support (manual translation) (Internationalization/i18n)
  • [x] Multi-version support (implementation method is the same as multi-language)
  • [x] Search support
  • [x] SEO friendly
  • [x] Real-time preview of changes
  • [x] Multi-threaded construction, faster construction speed
  • [x] Blog support


Official website is generated using teedoc, what you see now is what the generated website looks like.

In addition, there are other websites that use teedoc, please see here for details

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