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Butter CMS

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Add Headless CMS to Your Website in Under 10 Minutes


ButterCMS is an API-first headless CMS for rapidly building CMS-powered apps and websites in any programming language. Great for blogs, dynamic pages, and more.

Headless CMS user interface example

Flexible Content Modeling

Custom Components and References empower you to model your content to fit the unique use cases for your app, website, or blog.

Pages Types

Use our convenient Page Types to build a knowledge base, SEO landing pages, news articles, and more.


Our powerful Collections feature is great for ecommerce sites, allowing you to update new product information for your online store. Collections can also be used to create new promotional content like case studies and testimonials so you can create reusable content one time in Butter, and use it multiple times wherever you need it in your app.

Blog Engine

You've got better things to do than building another blog. Just drop in our pre-built, SEO optimized API-first blog engine and get back to working on more interesting problems

Creating content with our API-first blog engine preconfigured for great SEO

Rich text editor

Our fully-featured and customizable WYSIWYG rich text editor allows your content editors to control text formatting, embed images and media, edit HTML, insert tables and more.

Preview & Schedule Changes

Configure Preview URLs to preview new blog posts and pages, as well as updates to existing content, before publishing them to your live environment. Schedule a specific time for your changes and new content to go live.

Localization and Multi-Language Support

Enable localization to distribute your content globally. ButterCMS lets you customize locales and keys to create a multilingual app that matches the content to your audience in any number of countries or regions.

Creating localized content for a multilingual app or website

Media Library

Use our robust and reliable Media Library to store and distribute your images and files. No need to configure your own complex CDN. Our Media Library supports all file types, and provides a fast and efficient experience for your content editors and your end users. We also provide an in-app image editor so you can do all your image editing right within your Butter dashboard.


Get notified when content changes. Configure webhooks to POST change notifications to your application for important event types.

Multi-Site and Multi-Environments

Agencies and enterprise businesses often manage multiple websites. Our dashboard easily scales to meet this requirement, allowing you to manage content from all of your websites in one Butter instance.

Managing multiple websites in a single instance of ButterCMS

ButterCMS also allows you to manage multiple environments in one place. Our Enterprise plan includes an environment dashboard to quickly switch between environments like production, staging, dev, and QA in a single click.

Toggle between multiple environments with one dashboard

Team-Based Dashboard

Customize the dashboards for your blog posts, pages, and collection items to streamline the content creation process and create an easy-to-navigate experience for all your team members.

Customize dashboards to streamline team workflows

Developer Tech Stack Guides

Butter’s API-first CMS supports any tech stack. We provide extensive documentation for an expanding list of leading technology frameworks including

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