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For Developers

Cosmic offers an intuitive Dashboard and powerful APIs that can deliver content to any website or application. This gives you the freedom to build your application using any programming language and allows for easier scaling within your development team.

For Content Creators

Cosmic offers an intuitive and friendly editing experience that gives you everything you need to publish content quickly and easily. Since there is no CMS installation, you can easily build content in any phase of development and avoid unnecessary process bottlenecks.

REST and GraphQL API

Cosmic offers both a REST and GraphQL API for your convenience.

Imgix Integration Included

Imgix integration is included which allows you to do powerful image processing for dynamic apps optimized for cross-platform experiences.

Add-Ons Available

Webhooks and localization are available to help you communicate with external services as well as communicate to a global audience. Browse more Headless CMS features.


Cosmic offers integrations with third-party services. Login using GitHub or Google. Connect to your Slack channel to be notified whenever content has been changed within your Bucket.


Cosmic Extensions allow you to create powerful functionality in your Dashboard. Add Unsplash photos, Gatsby Preview, Algolia search, and more.

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