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Enonic XP

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Headless content for any front end

Create, curate, and distribute content to any channel. Enonic strives to make day to day operations easier for everyone involved. With the fully customizable Enonic platform, developers and editors can work together to build better solutions. Enonic is the perfect compromise.

Enonic's open platform, software development kit, and intuitive framework enable developers to quickly become productive. Easily integrate with your existing development pipeline and best practices.


All your content is automatically indexed and searchable down to single fields. Aggregate and search across your content and get search scoring and highlighting, even for files.

GraphQL API for all your data

Instantly access your data from any device or client with the strongly typed GraphQL API. Get exactly what you need and nothing more with a single query. You can even customize and extend the API to meet your requirements.

Easy images

The image handling tools make it easy to insert, edit and share images across every platform and device. Scale, crop, and set focal points to make your images pop in every situation.

Managed or self-hosted, on-prem or in the cloud

Enonic is available as a managed platform for faster deployment and improved security, or you can host it yourself in your cloud of choice or on-prem.

Getting started

Follow the documentation for your OS at the getting started pages. The Enonic CLI will help you set up your first project and provides templates for you to choose from. For hands-on guides to help you get started, check out the guides section of the docs.

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