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Flotiq is an effortless headless Content Management System. Flotiq's goal is to provide developers with an easy to use API, powerful integrations and SDKs that allow them to build complex systems.

Where to start

Head over to Flotiq Docs or start exploring immediately with a free account.

We've published several deep-dive docs describing how to get started building JAMstack-based apps with Flotiq, try:

or have a quick look at one of our inspiring videos:

If you're ready to jump straight to coding, here's a bunch of boilerplate repositories to get you started, too:

Key features

Dynamic Content API support

At Flotiq we strongly believe in open standards as a way to enable development of well-engineered systems. The Content Types you create in Flotiq are automatically translated into a set of RESTful endpoints and Flotiq provides an OpenAPI schema, that updates automatically after every change you make to your data models. That schema is then used for generating your SDKs and API docs.

If you're not feeling like building your own Content type, you can always use one of our boilerplates. If you do - you'll find a boilerplate repo on Github, that will let you deploy your own {blog, portfolio, calendar, e-commerce, recipe page} in under 5 minutes.

Don't take our word on it - check yourself.

Boilerplate content type definitions have their Github repositories with demo projects

Generate packages in language/framework you like and start coding!

Once you have defined your data model - you can start working with your content. You don't need to learn Flotiq's API, because there isn't any. Flotiq lets you define your API yourself, so you can feel comfortable with the models and properties you define. To simplify your Developer Experience we provide SDKs that fully integrate with your IDE, so you will get all the auto-complete magic you'd ever need!

The generated SDK packages provide powerful integration of Flotiq-based content types in your IDE

The languages and frameworks we support at the moment are:

  • C#
  • GO
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Angular

Generated SDK packages are automatically synced with your data model

and an extremely well accepted automatically-generated Postman package.

Flotiq called ingenious by Postman!

Unleash your imagination and build something creative!

Get your own API Doc based on what you have created in Flotiq

Another benefit you'll see is the beautiful API documentation, which you can share with your peers when integrating your content in other systems.

Automatically generated API docs are perfect for sharing your API with other developers

Scoped API keys

The recently added scoped API keys are a perfect way to keep your API secure. You can create keys for individual endpoints or group them by use case, whatever works for you. Flotiq provides scoped API keys to improve security of your content

Powerful search API

Unlike other headless CMS systems - we believe that developers need efficient access to content. So we're not only exposing the content through REST endpoints, but also providing efficient means of searching through that content. To provide one of the most powerful ways to query content - we partially expose the ElasticSearch (ES) engine through Flotiq's search API, wrapping it and stripping to leave only the essentials.

You can aggregate your search results by given conditions and also rank them by giving weight to a specific field. Be sure to check our Search API Deep Dive to read more about it.

Flotiq's search API offers powerful features, like filtering, aggregation and boosting


Try Flotiq now, it's free to start.

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