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LexasCMS is an API-based CMS that combines powerful content scheduling capabilities with a clean and modern content editing experience. Planning future content delivery has never been easier!

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Powerful Content Scheduling Capabilities πŸ“…

LexasCMS enables you to create multiple variations of each of your content items. You can then optionally define when each variation should become active, and when they should expire.

As well as allowing you to temporarily override your content, this flexibility enables you to accurately control how and when your content should change over time, minute by minute.

Simple Content Editing Experience ✏️

Our clean and intuitive content editor is free from distractions and ensures that you can create content as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Bring your own frontend 🎨

Develop your websites and applications using whatever tools and frameworks you're used to. LexasCMS delivers content as raw data making it 100% agnostic about the way your content is displayed.

See the content delivery API documentation.

Flexible Content Model 🚧

Define your perfect content structure using a visual drag and drop editor.

You're free to structure your content however you choose, enabling you easily reuse content across multiple websites or applications over multiple platforms and devices.

GraphQL or JSON:API (REST) πŸ› 

We support delivering content via either GraphQL or a JSON:API compliant REST API. This ensures that you can request content in a format that suits your specific needs.

Translations 🌍

LexasCMS offers full support for translating your content into as many languages as you need.

You can even configure locale fallbacks to handle cases when content has not yet been translated.

Integration Guides πŸ“•

If you're looking to get started quickly, we have a number integration guides available for many popular tools and frameworks.

These currently include guides for getting started with Ember.js, Gatsby, Next.js and Nuxt.js.

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