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Slicknode is a GraphQL based headless content management system for fast paced development of advanced digital experiences.


  • Instant GraphQL API on managed cloud infrastructure
  • Powerful data modeling features with relations, interfaces, enum types etc.
  • Automatic database migrations
  • Declarative permission model (multi tenant SaaS, customer facing apps, enterprise etc.)
  • Use with any API and database
  • Multi-Stage development workflow
  • Works with your favorite technologies (React, Angular, Vue, Javascript, iOS, Android etc.)
  • Headless CMS
  • Extensible with custom code (Javascript, TypeScript, Flow etc.)

Why Slicknode?

Slicknode aims to be the most flexible CMS with the best development workflow:

Define the data model on your local machine using GraphQL and then sync the changes to the cloud. The schema lives in your local codebase to allow management via git (code review, merge, clone, revert etc.), the content lives in a highly scalable cloud infrastructure.

Modular Architecture

Slicknode is modular from the core. Build functionality once and reuse it across all your projects without changes.


  • Add existing data sources from your own IT systems or 3rd party APIs
  • Add custom business logic with serverless functions
  • Merge multiple GraphQL APIs into one unified data graph

Scalable Content Infrastructure

Slicknode takes care of provisioning, monitoring and maintaining a highly scalable cloud infrastructure, so you don't have to.

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