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TakeShape is a GraphQL API-first Content Management-as-a-service cloud platform with an integrated Static Content Generator that removes the cost and effort of building and running a cloud-scale content experience.

Check out the quick start video.

Infinitely Scalable

TakeShape runs on serverless infrastructure. It scales to handle any traffic you can throw at it. Deploy your site to AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, FTP and coming soon Netlify.

Integrated Static Content Generator

The integrated Static Content Generator allows you to get your site or product up quickly an easily without having to connect several services together.

Infinitely Customizable Content Schema

Bring your own content model. Your content is unique to your product. TakeShape provides an easy to use drag-and-drop content modeling interface.

Be Creative

We built TakeShape to allow you to focus your time on building what matters, your product, not on worrying about all the infrastructure and headache that goes into running a CMS.

Deploy to Netlify

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