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TinaCMS is a free and open-source headless CMS focused on providing the best developer experience for building web sites and applications. Tina has two main components:

  • An open-source admin UI (with support for visual editing)
  • An open-source GraphQL API for serving content

For people who don’t want to self-host their CMS, Tina Cloud provides a hosted option.

Try it out

Create a testing site:

npx create-tina-app@latest

Or request a demo.

Why Tina?

Tina is an open-source headless CMS that does two things differently:

1. Git Sync

Like other headless CMSs, Tina provides a GraphQL API to query your content. However, Tina generates its API from content stored in Markdown and JSON files in a Git repository. This allows you to use the file system as the source of truth for your content instead of a database but gives you an API to query that content (i.e. post.author.name).

Tina Cloud Enterprise customers can leverage Tina’s Editorial Workflow for advanced Git features like branching and Pull Requests.

2. Visual Editing

Tina supports visual editing for sites using React (and soon Vue & Svelte). This means your content creators get a live preview when editing content. This allows you to give content creators a site-builder experience with block-based editing that feels similar to Wix or Squarespace.

Enterprise Features

For Tina Cloud Business and Enterprise customers, Tina’s editorial workflow makes working on Branches and making Pull Requests user friendly.

Who's using Tina?

Tina is used by agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and governments to power various types of sites. Tina can scale to sites with 10’s of thousands of Markdown-based pages, such as smashingmagazine.com.


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